The fundamental Mission of MONTI ENGINEERING S.r.l. is to realize the commissioned products respecting technical and contractual requirements, accorded with the customer. At the same time, the competitiveness of the company market prices through planned controls and the economic and financial management of the company with the view of the business continuity will be preserved.

With the goal of guaranteeing all the previous mentioned purposes, MONTI ENGINEERING S.r.l. designed and implemented a system for quality management, applicable, without any exclusion, for all the products realized, with the following field of application:

Design, manufacturing, supply and technical support for aluminum surface treatment plants and related equipment and machines.

The quality policy establishes the key elements of our system for quality management, based on sectoral and measurable targets, established by the management office. The primary goals, constantly monitored over time, are:

  • To obtain products compliant with the technical and legislative normative requirements;

  • Planning and improving through time the main and supportive directional processes, by controlling all the internal and external factors as well as the relevant material risks;

  • Satisfying the customer's and other involved parts expectations (employees, suppliers, business partners, certification body);

  • To supervise through time the control and management elements in order to guarantee for all the interested parties, an economic and financial balance and consequently the permanence in the market;

  • To improve the completed product by choosing technical solutions for planning and production;

  • To obtain production flexibility by planning and scheduling jobs, human resources, infrastructures, in order to ease process management;

  • To guarantee the respect of the delivery time, established by contract with the customer;

  • To guarantee that the production process carries out under the technical-economical profile in controlled conditions, conforming to the previously established requirements with the customer; by foreseeing non-compliances; by applying control actions, if necessary; by planning corrective actions as part of the continuing improvement of the processes;

  • To guarantee appropriate services for storage, preservation, packaging, handling and transport so that the product maintains the compliance requirements until the delivery.

These fundamental goals can be achieved by:

  • establishing productive collaborative relationships with the customer, effective technical assistance in favour of the Client and the capability of answering to any needs;

  • formulating technical-economical offers, which must be consistent with the customer's needs and which must reflect the technical-economical and economical-financial capabilities of the enterprise;

  • searching the complete involvement of the staff in initiatives of accountability, increase of abilities, encouragement and awareness.

  • handling correctly and usefully relationships with contractors and suppliers of raw materials, equipment and services;

  • using adequate equipment in order to assure the compliance of the product, undergo periodical maintenance, scheduled or extra;

In order that our business would be developed in a controlled, efficient and economical way, a handling system for quality was created. It is inspired by the scheduling of decisional, handling, productive and support processes. The quality system is hinged in documents of scheduling processes; these documents, sketched out the regulations included in the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (without including limitations in the appliance of the norm), define the manners, with which every working aspect should be accomplished, clarifying at the same time which interconnections between the processes are so that the enterprise can be able to provide products in compliance with the contractual and legislative specifications.
The management spread this document to all the interested parts and promote all the necessary actions in order to reach a long-lasting success through a continuing implementation of the handling system for quality and the improvement of the products and the processes.