Machines for Aluminium surface treatment

Monti Engineering provides reliable and cutting-edge machines and equipment for the management of all phases of aluminum anodizing and painting processes and of purification plants. Thanks to its decades of experience, Monti Engineering can design customized solutions that guarantee the customer high quality standards and operational safety.

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Tanks and accessories

Tanks for treatment plants

Material handling

Bridge cranes to get easier dripping.

Heating and cooling

For temperature control and homogeneous conditions inside the treatment tanks.

Current rectifiers and transformers

To achieve the best results on aluminum surface treatment.

Painting equipment

Automatic powder painting booths.

Purification equipment

Demineralization units, acid recovery plants, conveyors, evaporators, automatic preparers.

Machines features

All our machines are designed, manufactured and tested into our facilities.
This leads to get maximum reliability, very good construction quality and a big flexibility that allows us to customize every equipment according to the customer’s specific requirement.

Great flexibility

Customization of each project

Maximum reliability

excellent manufacturing quality

How we work with our machines