The ROTOCLEANER automatic system is an absolute novelty for handling bars cleaning.

The ROTOCLEANER can be installed in all aluminum anodizing plants, both automatic and manual; it is sufficient to have the anodic bar in a fixed position and the ROTOCLEANER automatically brushes it along its whole length, completely removing the residues of soda and filth residues deposited on the contact surface of the jigs hangers.

The dust produced is sucked up and collected in a special container.


The ROTOCLEANER is managed by a PLC, the speed of advancement and rotation of the brushes are adjustable by inverter so as to optimize the operation of the machine on any type of bar and dirt to be removed.

ROTOCLEANER can be customized to clean also bars with particular geometries.
Thanks to its cleaning action, the following advantages are obtained:

  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Optimal electrical contact between handling bar and jigs hangers
  • Reduction of oxidation times and greater quality and uniformity of treatment